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Baranenko, A. V.
The role of affective disorders in the premorbid period of the forming of alcohol dependence

Blum, C.
United net in the prevention of drug addiction on the example of labour drug abuse prevention unions in Dresden and Leipzig

Blum, C., Sting, S.
Drug abuse prevention on the Internet

Dudajev, A. B.
Educational and preventive measures for counteract drug addiction among convicts

Gavrilov, V. G.
The essence and peculiarities of the tertiary prevention in correctional institutions

Kaniber, Y. N.
The situation with drugs in the correctional institutions

Kanishchev, A. V.
Borderline behavioral disorders in patients with viral hepatitis

Kanishchev, A. V.
Mental disorders in patients with viral hepatitis: development of investigations and current state of the problem

Kanishchev, A. V.
Psychotherapeutic and psychohygienic support in the trreatment of viral hepatitis

Kanishchev, A. V.
Psychotherapy in the infectious diseases hospital: ways of application and development

Kanishchev, A. V., Nikitina, N. A.
Asthenic disorders in patients with viral hepatitis in the late convalescence phase

Kozko, V. M., Mykhailov, B. V., Kanishchev, A. V., Nikitina, N. O.
Organizational principles of psychological and psychotherapeuric aid to the patients with viral hepatitis

Kuzminov, V. N.
Epidemiological situation in drug diseases spread in Ukraine and Kharkiv region

Kuzminov, V. N., Serdjuk, A. A.
Drug abuse prevention in the World Wide Web

Lachenmeier, D. W., Samokhvalov, A. V., Leitz, J., Schoeberl, K., Kuballa T., Linskiy, I. V., Minko, O. I., Rehm, J.
The composition of unrecorded alcohol from eastern Ukraine: Is there a toxicological concern beyond ethanol alone?

López-Blasco, A.
Drug addiction prevention among youth: scientific and practical project

López-Blasco, A., Ferrando, F. P.
Valencia community (Spain): new in drug dependence treatment

Mikhailov, B. V., Kanishchev, A. V.
Behavioral changes in patients of infectious diseases hospital: current problems of management and investigations in Ukraine

Mikhailov, B. V., Serdyuk, O. I., Kanishchev, A. V.
Developmental ways of consultation-liaison psychiatry in Ukraine

Paluba, M.
Therapeutic, human and social role of the art-therapy

Petryuk, P. T., Kanishchev, A. V., Kovalenko, V. V., Shevelyov, V. M.
Chemical dependence due to abuse of the homemade substance,obtained from the medicines “Effect” and “Coldact” (clinical peculiarities in practice of forensic psychiatry)

Petryuk, P. T., Kanishchev, A. V., Shevelyov, V. M., Kovalenko, V. V., Avramenko, O. V., Prikhodko, Y. V., Kostereva, T. A., Dishlevoy, O. Y., Karpova, O. P.
On forensic psychiatric description of persons accused of murders

Pilyagina, G.
The clinical-pathogenetic typology of autoagressive behaviour

Pilyagina, G.
The treatment of the different types of self-destructive behaviour

Pilyagina, G. Y.
Self-destructive (autoaggressive) behaviour: pathogenetic mechanisms, clinical-typological aspects of diagnostics and treatment

Postupnoy, A. N.
History and today situation: evaluation of expert-narcologists

Postupniy, O. M., Chernetska, T. M., Dovgopol, M. Y.
Prevention of addictive behavior among street children in Ukraine

Reshetnjak, S. B.
Illegal drug turnover in Kharkiv region: the opinion of lawyers

Rushchenko, I. P.
Methodics of work with school students' parents in the secondary school on aspects primary and secondary drug abuse prevention

Rushchenko, I. P.
Quantitative measurement of the process of drug spread

Ruschenko, I. P., Kuzminov, V. N.
The primary prevention of drug consumption in Ukraine: review of experience and directions of the modern work

Rushchenko, I. P., Serdjuk, A. A.
Sociological monitoring of psychoactive substances consumption in youth environment

Samokhvalov, A. V., Pidkorytov, V. S., Linskiy, I. V., Minko, O. I., Minko, O. O., Rehm, J., Popova, S.
Alcohol use and addiction services in Ukraine

Samsonov, V. N.
Prevention of drug abuse in correctional institutions of Russian Federation

Sartorius, N.
The public health importance of depressive disorders

Serdjuk, A. A.
Narcotism prevention in the education system: methodical and organizational aspects of special courses reading

Sobolev, V. A.
Methods of statistic observation and data use for sociological analysis of the problem

Sobolev, V. A., Rushchenko, I. P. (eds.)
Youth and drugs (sociology of narcotism)

Sting, S., Wolff, M., Zippe, K.
Drug use and addiction prevention in Germany and Saxony

Svezhentseva, Y. A.
Sociocultural aspects of drug addiction: qualitative analysis of the problem

Svezhentseva, Y. A., Golovchenko, D. A.
The role of the family in drug abuse prevention, real and potential

Tabachnikov, S. I., Mikhailov, B. V., Maruta, N. O.
Present condition and perspectives of psychotherapy and medical psychology in Ukraine

Vahabzadeh, A., Bragin, R.
Community based mental health

Yakovlev, S. V., Gnusov, Y. V.
Analysis and forecasting of narcological statistics in Ukraine and in Kharkov region

Yarmish, A. N., Sobolev, V. A., Byelousov, Y. L.
The analysis of the experience of organisation of drug abuse primary prevention centres

Yarmish, A. N., Sobolev, V. A., Serdjuk, A. A.
Political, legal and methodological basis of prevention of addictive behavior in Ukraine and Kharkiv region

Yur’yev, Y.
Conclusion [to the book “Ukraine: a psychiatrist’s point of view. Reports, thoughts, articles (1999–2004)”]

Yur’yev, Y.
Ibi ad crucåm

Yur’yev, Y.
Mental health and governmental reforms (Chile, Ukraine)

Yur’yev, Y.
Systems of psychiatric help: possible managing and reforming models

Yur’yev, Y.
Ukraine: a psychiatrist’s point of view. Reports, thoughts, articles (1999–2004)

Yur’yev, Y.
Ukrainian “victimization” phenomenon and psychiatry as a science that deals with human mental and behavioural disorders’ studying

Yur’yev, Y., Kovalenko, T.
Focus group “What leads to suicide attempt and how to prevent it”

Yur’yeva, L. N., Nosov, S. G., Yur’yev, Y. B.
The estimation analysis of the expecting results as for the Ukrainian psychiatric service formation

Zolotaryov, G. L., Kanishchev, A. V.
Affective disorders in patients with viral hepatitis A

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