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Youth And Drugs (sociology of narcotism)

YOUTH AND DRUGS (sociology of narcotism)

Edited by V. A. Sobolev and I. P. Rushchenko

* Originally in Russian:
Youth and Drugs (sociology of narcotism) (2000). (eds. V. A. Sobolev and I. P. Rushchenko). Kharkiv: Torsing.

Introduction (A. M. Bandurka)

Part I. Kharkiv Region (Ukraine): Dynamics and sociocultural mechanisms of drug spread

Chapter 1. Quantitative measurement of the process of drug spread (I. P. Rushchenko)

Chapter 2. Sociocultural aspects of drug addiction: qualitative analysis of the problem (Y. A. Svezhentseva)

Chapter 3. Medical and law statistics: dynamics and epidemic situation analysis and forecast

Chapter 4. Drug situation from expertsí point of view

Chapter 5. Political, legal and methodological basis of prevention of addictive behavior in Ukraine and Kharkiv region (A. N. Yarmish, V. A. Sobolev, A. A. Serdyuk)

Part II. Saxony (Germany): drug spread and prevention problems (S. Sting, M. Wolff, C. Zippe)

Part III. Valencia community (Spain): new in the drug dependence treatment (A. Lopes-Blasco, F. P. Ferrando)

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