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Online serial edition “Ukrainian Psychiatry News” was founded in 2001.

Today “Ukrainian Psychiatry News” contains more than 1000 full text publications in Russian and Ukrainian, as well as selected articles in English. These are monographs, original papers, reviews, manuals, clinical guidelines and brief reports.

Publications highlight all the sections of psychiatry — general psychiatry, child psychiatry, addiction disorders, psychological therapy (psychotherapy), forensic psychiatry, clinical psychology etc.

The site is regularly updated.

“Ukrainian Psychiatry News” is the most prominent Ukrainian psychiatric online edition and at the same time one of the best in Russian-speaking segment of Internet. It is visited by almost 2000 visitors per day. Its Page Rank (PR) is 4.

Site is listed in the Open Directory Project (DMOZ).

Site’s pages are indexed by all the main search engines and directories. So if you search the web for psychiatric publications in Russian or Ukrainian, you will certainly find the results from “Ukrainian Psychiatry News” in the top ten.

The element of the site’s domain name (“psychiatry”) is the registered trade mark in Ukraine (certificate No. 60004, issued March 15, 2006).

An ISSN number has been assigned to “Ukrainian Psychiatry News”. It has been recorded in the ISSN Register as follows:

ISSN 1990–5211
Key Title Novosti ukrainskoj psihiatrii
Новости украинской психиатрии
Parallel title Novini ukraïns’koï psihìatrìï
Ukrainian psychiatry news
Abbreviated key title Nov. ukr. psihiatr.
Country of publication Ukraine
UDC 616.89 (psychiatry)

Executive editor and publisher:
Andriy Kanishchev, M.D., Ph.D.

+380 44 2234056
+380 50 1635654

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P.O. Box 33
Kyiv-50 04050 Ukraine


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